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Libraries grow communities, 23 April, 10:00 – 12:00 | Librarian Day in Romania| World Book Day

“When in doubt, go to the library.” What does the library mean to a community? Place of learning and information. Source of inspiration. The place where you find support or encouragement. Socialization opportunities. Generator of ideas and projects that support the community.

On 23 April, on Librarian Day in Romania and and World Book Day, British Council Romania, Progress Foundation and Romania EduCaB invite you to discover the magic that public libraries can bring to rural communities and the essential role they play in education, social life and community development.

 FACEBOOK Host pages:  Progress Foundation, CODE Kids, British Council Romania, Romania EduCaB

 LIVE from 10:00, we take inspiration from exploring three initiatives that support libraries to become active with impact in the community – My English Library, CODE Kids and Romania EduCaB – and then continue with a discussion moderated by Claudia Șerbănuță, with librarians from rural or small urban communities who, through innovative services and activities, contribute to the development of their communities.


Part 1 – Communities support libraries

📗My English Library, the English for the Community program run by the British Council Romania and the Romanian-American Foundation brought materials in English to 13 rural libraries, connecting them with schools and teachers in the community to support education outside the classroom (Alina Constantinescu, Project Manager, British Council Romania)

📙CODE Kids run by the Progress Foundation aims to create a coding and STEM movement where the children, young people and librarians in rural and small urban areas develop their digital skills and get involved in community life with digital solutions (Ovidiu Ana, Development Manager, CODE Kids)

📘EduCaB, – the initiative that helps public libraries to become resource centers for local communities, providing the institutional platform for various organizations and informal groups to get involved by implementing projects in their field of expertise (Ana-Maria Chifor, Braila EduCaB Coordinator)


Part 2 – Libraries grow communities

🙌 A discussion with librarians from rural or small urban communities who, through innovative services and activities, contribute to the development of their communities. Starting from the existing needs in the communities in the country, we will discuss the added value brought by the active public libraries, which constantly update their educational approaches and invest in the development of community skills. From digital skills to socialization during the pandemic, active libraries are changing lives and strengthening communities.

🎤Facilitator: Dr. Claudia Șerbănuță, Community Development Manager, Progress Foundation

Event organized by British Council Romania in partnership with Progress Foundation and Romania EduCaB.

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