”Commitment, dedication, efficiency, foresight, professionalism, enthusiasm – these qualities come to mind when I think of the Progress Foundation. The Goethe-Institut Bucharest is proud to be a partner of the Progress Foundation in several successful projects on education and libraries.” Susanne Teichmann – manager of the library and information department, Goethe institute, Bucharest

”The children who come to CODE Kids are among the closest to my soul; they are smart, beautiful and kind! I also visited libraries, I know how valuable their work is and how much the children strive to learn programming and use technology to their advantage. And they are fortunate to have people by their side, librarians and mentors who give up  their time and show kindness to help them learn.” George Buhnici – CODE Kids ambassador

”Occupy Library is such a lively conference, so innovative, it’s such a good feeling and it seems to really capture people’s imagination, and that’s fabulous.” Christine Mackenzie – iFLA President

”The Progress Foundation was a very appreciated partner in our joint STEM project, Volunteer Readers Romania. The results far exceeded our expectations, which is why Deutsche Telekom Stiftung strongly recommends the Progress Foundation as a trusted beneficiary or partner.” Dr. Ekkehard Winter – executive Director, Deutsche telekom stiftung

I have worked with Progress Foundation because they are an absolutely reliable partner in our international projects. Participants from Progress Foundation are very well prepared concerning the subject of our cooperation (empowerment of vulnerable groups – girls/women) as well as they are strong personalities to stand for their own position and opinion. At the same time Progress Foundation represents real intercultural learning because of their open minded attitude and capacity to transfer differences into challenging leaening experiences.


I really admire Progress Foundation for its original, courageous and meaningful idea of bringing democracy and civic activities into libraries. Thanks to that libraries become important spaces of POLITICAL CULTURE in their local communities. We keep finger crossed for this project and we look forward to implement it in Poland!


Progress Foundation does exactly what they say on the jar. They create a strong foundation to enable progress, whether it be the capacity of organisations to increase or the development of individuals not only to think outside the box, but to create a whole new space. I chose to work with Progress Foundation because of the commitment and passion and professionalism of their team. They understand the landscape in Romania and internationally. I am impressed both by the expertise and skills of their principals and by the resonance and power of their principles.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Progress Foundation again. MIKE WALDRON /  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER / INTER-PARES, UK

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