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Sustainability Change Makers – As a NGO which offers research-based solutions for community problems, we take pride in seeing how several well measured and assessed variables converge towards a mutually accepted result. Many rational voices have warned that the biggest problem the humanity faces this century is the climate change, and while the problems which determine it are definitely man made, the solutions are not up to a unique person. They must be universal: a planet-friendly behaviour must be assumed by big and small countries, by big and small companies and by big and small people. We want to act as Sustainability Change Makers because it is our deepest believe that what is man-made it can be man/woman-solved; that yesterday generated problems can be tackled with today-generated innovations, and that man/woman and machine learning are a combination for a better future. 

Each to her/his place, we assume a role in educating communities, supporting innovation by using programming and techonolgy development and preaching about science like there’s no tommorow.

As a result we are currently working in 3 sustainability related projects, for which we would like to have your support:

1. combating fake news, miss-information while buidling resilence and critical thinking related to climate change information – aimed at children and teenagers;

2. creating a tool for companies so they can measure properly their social impact (as they say: it’s not there, if you can’t measure it!), especially when they want to invest in sustainability initiatives – aimed at managers and decision makers from the business sector;

3. education for opinion leaders, mainly journalists from local and national newspapers on sustainability and how one can present the climate change-related news to different publics so their response is toward civic action.


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