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Dolj, 30 September 2022: “CODE Kids Drone Pilot School” arrives in Brabova. Children from 5 free programming and robotics clubs run in rural libraries in the south of Romania organised a filming-event at the Izvoranu-Geblescu cula, simultaneously flying their drones to capture the historical site as well as possible. The selected children represent CODE Kids clubs from Crâmpoia in Olt county, Jupânești and Vladimir in Gorj county, Topoloveni and Rucăr in Argeș county. They put their skills into practice during an intensive drone piloting course, the “CODE Kids Drone Pilots School”, and the result of their efforts – a video presenting the famous Brabova cave – will be offered to the town hall to be used to promote tourism in the area.

The Izvoranu-Geblescu Cula is also part of the “Cule in Light” project, launched by CEZ in 2019, with the aim of raising awareness of these emblematic buildings in the history of Oltenia.

In 6 years of activity, CODE Kids has become the largest national coding and STEM movement, with more than 4600 children from 33 counties benefiting from free coding courses organized in public libraries. The programme developed by the Progress Foundation offers a digital literacy solution for rural and small urban children, with almost 50% of rural children scoring below 5 on the National Maths Assessment. CEZ Vânzare is a reliable partner of the Progress Foundation in the joint effort to raise the level of education in rural communities to European standards. With the help of CEZ, the foundation has been able to integrate new educational components into the programme. Whether it’s the 3D printers donated by CEZ in 2021, the 10 drones donated for the establishment of the “Drone Pilot School” or the workshops supported by CEZ volunteers, all efforts are directed towards the same goal: the support and training of rural children.

 “Thanks to the partnership with CEZ, the CODE Kids Programme has a very strong component in the south of the country. The programming and robotics clubs in the area always rank first at the National Science Fair and make us proud with the results of the children, who go on to computer science high schools in big cities. This year we also added a drone piloting component, which has proven to be of great intersection for the kids, combining technology with their artistic and creative skills.” said Mircea Stan, Director of Programmes at CODE Kids.

“In the 4 years of collaboration we have seen how both the CODE Kids project and the children who are part of it have developed under our eyes. In addition to coding, the project now also includes modules on using 3D printers and piloting drones, a technology that is indispensable for the future in many branches of industry, but especially in the energy industry. We are delighted to see how children are making the most of every learning opportunity they receive and demonstrating year after year that they are the generation that is decoding the future.” – Cornelia Szabo, Executive Director CEZ Sales.

About Cula Izvoranu-Geblescu

Cula Izvoranu-Geblescu is one of the most important fortified houses in southern Romania, dating from the 18th century, with transformations in the 19th and 20th centuries, reflecting the loss of its defensive importance and introducing elements of modern comfort, according to the fashion of the times. It has three levels, with a distinctive trefoil arched porch on the top floor – a place to rest and look out. In the early 20th century, a sanitary annex and a wooden arcade were added, doubling as a gazebo, its arches on the sides being enclosed by windows. It was built by the boyar Izvoranu and belonged, over time, to Radu and Constantin Geblescu and Elvira Bibescu. In 1951 it was nationalized and used as a grain and agricultural tools warehouse. After 1990, the cellar was taken out of use, deteriorating, but in 2021 the rehabilitation and consolidation of the cellar was completed with money obtained from European Funds.

About Progress Foundation and CODE Kids

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