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The “Ioan N. Roman” County Library of Constanta has opened the CODE Kids programming club and has not one, but five groups of beginners. 77 children have signed up to learn the mysteries of coding and robotics. A number straight out of fairy tales. Even the space in which the students work shows that their group is like a small planet orbiting around technology.

“In the future, today’s children will rule the world. We, the CODE Kids Constanta team, have thought about this seriously. We understood that today’s future is tomorrow’s present, he who is ‘little man’ today will be ‘big man’ tomorrow. He will make decisions, he will influence the world, he will work, he will have a family and children of his own… We want a better world for our children starting TODAY. That’s why, when we were given the opportunity to be partners in the national programme “CODE Kids – Program the future of your community”, we understood that we must integrate technology into our lives, not be afraid of it”, says Elena Cioclin, Inspector of the “I.N. Roman” County Library of Constanta, CODE Kids Coordinator.

This is how the project team was built and came into being, made up of coordinators from the Constanta County Library and participating volunteers. Then high school students with a mathematics-computing profile from the city joined the project. And one came, two came, until their number was so large that it was necessary to divide them into groups according to their timetable and availability. And because it’s not all about programming, coordinator Elena Cioclin, together with her fellow librarians, manage, with the patience and care that only mothers have for their children, to bring joy to the little coder, such as games and visits to the library.

They are just a few of the members of the Smart Coders Constanta 2022 club and from the very first meetings, after making friends, they set to work.

“We met some fantastic kids with unparalleled potential. In the week of 4-8 April we created the team logo, went through the first ten steps of course 2 on the code.org platform with a lot of enthusiasm and are looking forward to the next challenges! Thank you to the Progress Foundation for the opportunity to be among those who want to change the world line by line!” says Elena Cioclin.

We couldn’t stay away either. So we went to meet them. And we did well, because we spent a few beautiful and quality hours in their company, the children, the coordinators, but also the director of the library, Angelo Mitchievici, who assured us of all the support in the evolution of the students and the library in the direction of digitalization and robotics.

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