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The Electrician Apprentice project, developed and implemented by the ROI Association and Progress Foundation, together with Oltenia Distribution, encourages students studying in technological high schools in southern Romania to continue to develop their skills to change the world in which they live.

The mission to support the young Apprentices materialized in a Practice Club, an extracurricular activity where students can attend their practice classes with the help of teamwork for projects chosen by them in the field of green energy. These projects will be judged and rewarded with technical scholarships and prizes in value of 12,500 Euro, and the best of them will have the opportunity to take a place on the podium of the National Fair, organized at the end of June 2021.

The Progress Foundation and Oltenia Distribution mentors pass on their energy and technology superpowers to high school students, so that they can learn how to become better in the chosen profession. The almost 60 teams, composed of 300 students, will develop their skills in this field and will learn how to:

· Carry out projects that can improve electricity consumption

· Write a code in the Arduino program

· Solve problems

· Develop critical thinking and communication skills

· Make videos in which to present their technical projects

Immediately after enrolment in the Practice Club, students have already received an Arduino programming kit, to help them develop projects that apply this technology in the field of green energy, energy efficiency or smart home appliances.

“Within the Electrician Apprentice project, we undertook the training of a future generation of professionals by covering all levels of training and development – theoretical, practical, but also personal. By setting up the Practice Club we want to transfer some superpowers that define this essential profession. The involvement and enthusiasm of the colleagues enrolled in the Practice Club, in a busy and constantly changing period, showed us that we are a real support for the future generation. That’s why we are sure they are already superheroes.” – said Eugen Butoarca, Executive Director of Oltenia Distribution.

A project carried out by the Progress Foundation in partnership with the ROI Association, with the support of Oltenia Distribution.

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