CODE Kids – South Regional meeting

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Progress Foundation organized in partnership with „Antim Ivireanul” Vâlcea County Library, „Dinicu Golescu” Argeș County Library, „Christian Tell” Gorj County Library, and ETIC Association the public event of Coding for Kids in Libraries – CODE Kid project launch.

The event took place on Wednesday 15th of February between 12-16 pm at Râmnicu Vâlcea. In the South region of Romanian, the project is being implemented in:

* Argeș County with the support of librarians Marilena Ghinea (Merișani Local Public Library), Mirela Ionescu (Bradu Local Public Library), Oana Marinică Mustățea (Topoloveni Local Public Library), Steluța Jugănaru (Vlădești Local Public Library), and Ioana Bondoc (Beleți Negrești Local Public Library);

* Vâlcea County with the support of librarians Crina Popescu (Biblioteca Publică Locală Pietrari Local Public Library), Georgeta Cârstea (Biblioteca Publică Locală Tomșani Local Public Library), Anca Ciobotea (Biblioteca Publică Vlădești Local Public Library), Georgiana Mihai (Biblioteca Publică Locală Tetoiu Local Public Library), and Ioana Goran (Biblioteca Publică Păușești Măglași Local Public Library)

*Gorj County with the support of librarians Adriana Merfu (Biblioteca Publică Locală Motru Local Public Library), Ana Corina Popescu (Biblioteca Publică Locală Bălești Local Public Library), Adela Sîrbu (Biblioteca Publică Jupânești Local Public Library), Mioara Simona Gheorghe (Biblioteca Publică Scoarța Local Public Library), and Anișoara Bocai (Vladimir Local Public Library)

„Antim Ivireanul” Vâlcea County Library, „Dinicu Golescu” Argeș County Library, and „Christian Tell” Gorj County Library are offering their support in initial training courses organizing, dedicated to local librarians and project Ambassadors.


Coding for Kids in Libraries – CODE Kids project aims at establishing an active community of children, youth, and librarians through establishing 30 coding clubs in 30 public libraries from 6 different Romanian counties (Argeș, Vâlcea, Gorj, Timiș, Bihor, Sălaj). These clubs will contribute to both children digital skills development and community involvement through creative digital challenges.

A complex system of digital skills trainings and workshops creates new opportunities for digital world exploration and learning so that 380 children between the ages of 10 and 14, from rural and small urban areas, will be encouraged to be more actively involved and even pursue a career in high-tech.



Coding for Kids in Libraries – CODE Kids is a Progress Foundation project implemented in partnership with ETIC Association, given a financial support from Romanian-American Foundation.


Arina-Bianca Rusu

Project Assistant, Progress Foundation

+40 0721 354 054

progressfoundation.ro/coding | facebook.com/ codingpentrucopii | office@progressfoundation.ro

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