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During this period, when it is necessary to #stamacasa (#stayhome), CODE Kids librarians managed to adapt quickly and move their activities completely in the online environment. Thus, the CODE Kids clubs in the country have already started to get in touch and work as a team, to solve homework, through various digital platforms.

The “Code Bags” club from Sacu commune, Caraș -Severin county, had its first online meeting starting the first day of the week. Since most children have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, librarian Viorel Spaiuc decided that their meeting should take place with the help of the Google Hangouts application. And because everything went well and the children were delighted with the video meeting, they will see each other again, also in digital format, on Friday, 20 March. Although this period is a challenge for all of us, the librarian has already set some goals to facilitate the remote work of small coders and to strengthen team spirit! The little coders will be able to present their solved homework with the Prezi application and will have the opportunity to play an online game together, an experience that the librarian has successfully applied in the past, together with the children from the commune.

The librarian Crina Popescu also found alternatives for the CODE Kids meetings for the beginners and advanced groups. “Wizard Code Club Pietrari”, from Valcea County, observed the weekly meeting on Tuesday, but this time the discussions were held on the Facebook group. This week, the little coders studied the hardware part and solved the topic successfully, the librarian being with them at every step and even offering them individual advice. Both beginners and advanced groups will meet on Friday, in the first CODE Kids Pietrari video session, to discuss the next topics and coding challenges.

The “Kids 4 Coding” and “The Champions at Coding” clubs in Onești, Bacau, also met online with the librarian. The children saw each other and interacted with the help of the video function, within the Facebook Messenger platform. Together with the librarian Alina Tenie, the little coders organized themselves for their future meetings and decided what they would do next.

Even though they have to stay at home, the little programmers together with the coordinating librarians accepted the challenge and found solutions to continue the coding activity, even during this period. Everything will be fine, #stamacasa (#stayhome) and we continue to #codamacasa (#codeathome)!

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