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How can you become an editor for Wikipedia? Progress Foundation has launched a Learning Circle!

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Have you ever searched for an information on the internet and got results from Wikipedia? Let’s see how you can use and contribute with interesting articles and original content. Progress Foundation, in collaboration with Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova, with the support of Goethe Institute Bucharest have prepared the “Learning Circle about editing Wikipedia pages” and the first edition of it was organized for various Romanian librarians.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a diverse online encyclopedia, with free content, that everyone can contribute to, with little effort. Its mission is to support people from the entire world to collect and develop educational materials, which can be shared freely and efficient in every region of the globe.

Why edit Wikipedia pages?

· You are sharing knowledge and you create valuable content

· You contribute and edit subjects that you are interested in

All that you need to make sure of is that you are sharing the most interesting information that you know and that it respects the template and the guidelines created by the editors` community of Wikipedia.

About Learning Circles

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