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About the project

Coding for Kids in Libraries – CODE Kids project aims at establishing an active community of children, youth, and librarians which will contribute to both children digital skills development and community involvement through creative digital challenges.

This complex system of digital skills trainings and workshops creates new opportunities for digital world exploration and learning, so that 380 children aged between 10 and 14 years, from rural and small urban areas, will be encouraged to be more actively involved and even pursue a career in high-tech.

Public libraries from 7 different Romanian counties are now involved as project strategic partners and support the project through their spaces, IT infrastructure and staff.

CODE Kids was developed starting from Progress Foundation’s wish to lay the basis of a long term digital skills development training programme for children from isolated rural and small urban areas by using action learning type approach. Public libraries as important long life learning and social innovation centers will benefit from new praxis on how to use technology and Internet in a practical way.


Implementation system

General objective

Setting up 30 coding clubs in local libraries from Argeș, Vâlcea, Gorj, Timiș, Arad, Bihor, Sălaj counties, which to deploy activities of coding skills development for 380 children consisting of solving practical creative tasks.

Dedicated to these new established clubs, the projects main planned activity is to develop a locally adaptive system of coding courses and mentoring, based on the evolution of learning and tasks solving process.

In the end, 380 children aged between 10 and 14 and coming from rural and small urban areas will be trained in basic digital skills and problem solving solutions for basic tasks.

These specific project objectives will be achieved by having 30 local public libraries as project partners and these are:

  • Argeș County: Local Public Library Merișani, Local Public Library Bradu, Local Public Library Topoloveni, Local Public Library Vlădești, Local Public Library Beleți Negrești;
  • Vâlcea County: Local Public Library Motru, Local Public Library Bălești, Local Public Library Jupânești, Local Public Library Scoarța, Local Public Library Vladimir;
  • Gorj County: Local Public Library Pietrari, Local Public Library Tomșani, Local Public Library Vlădești, Local Public Library Tetoiu, Local Public Library Păușești Măglași;
  • Timiș County: Local Public Library Cărpiniș, Local Public Library Tormac, Local Public Library Curtea;
  • Arad County: Local Public Library Mișca;
  • Bihor county: Local Public Library Nucet, Local Public Library Roșia, Local Public Library Budureasa, Local Public Library Mădăraș, Local Public Library Sînmartin;
  • Sălaj county: Local Public Library Vîrșolț, Local Public Library Mirșid, Local Public Library Zimbor, Local Public Library Chiesd, Local Public Library Bălan.

Along with 7 county public libraries: „Dinicu Golescu” County Library Argeș, „Antim Ivireanul” County Library Vâlcea, „Christian Tell” County Library Gorj, „Sorin Titel” County Library Timiș, „Alexandru D. Xenopol” County Library Arad, „Gheorghe Şincai” County Library Bihor, and „Ioniță Scipione Bădescu” County Library Sălaj, which will offer support in initial training course deployment.


Main project results are:

  1. Children and librarian community establishment active in coding skills development so that practical creative tasks to be solved by children
  2. 30 coding clubs establishment in 7 different counties, Argeș, Vâlcea, Gorj, Timiș, Arad, Bihor, Sălaj, whose function and activities include trainings and coding tasks solving, whilst having librarians and volunteers as mentors and coordinators.

    3.Design of coding exercises, tasks and guidelines (basic level and additional tasks) which to be rendered and solved within aprox. 25 weeks so that 380 children aged between 10 and 14 years old to be taught the basics of coding skills.

    4.20/30 digital stories creation which to include testimonials of the beneficiaries of the program.





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Do you like our project and would like to get involved? Then join our volunteer team of experts, either corporate or independent, who are mentoring these children.

We would be glad to have you besides us!


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